5 Free Apps To Up Your Smartphone Photography Game! 

1. Snapseed

Google's gift for all the photographer for on the go editing to make some awesome pictures in couple of minutes or just to enhance any random picture you clicked on the way to your office and want to post it for your friends to see!

Available for both Android and iPhone users!

I am a huge fan of Snapseed for it's simplicity and yet precise editing features! It has Lens Blus to make the objects more focused, Healing to cut out unwanted stuff from your pictures very easily. I do all of my editing on Snapseed all the time. I can say it's the one app I can refer to any beginner to who want to make their pictures 10x better instantly. Available for both Android and iPhone users!

2. Lens Distortions

This is a simple app with nice filters of Glare, Sunshine, Blur Bubbles, Snow, Shimmer, Rain and many more to add that professional finishing touch to your pictures!

Available for both Android and iPhone users!

3.Lightroom CC

One of the best subscription based apps available for editing pictures across all gadgets! This is apt for editing all your pictures and keeping them on the cloud storage ready for any day posting or for any other application. This has more precise features compared to Snapseed but requires little practice to perfect them also Subscription comes with a minimal charge to use advanced features like Healing and Line corrections! I highly recommend this if you want to edit your pictures on laptop as well as your Smartphone!

Available for both Android and iPhone users!

4. Just a Line

This is a fun project by Google showing how could the future be with AR! You can draw/write objects, lines, words in the really video you shoot on the phone giving it a virtual enhancement!

Available for both Android and iPhone users!

5. Toolwiz Photo Pro Editor

Last in the list but not least is the Toolwiz Photo Editor which I think is more of a Snapseed and LR mix! It has got numerous features and application to take your editing to next level! You can add reflections of the pictures, convert the pictures to soft paintings, add night mode effects to notch up the quality of your low light shots, do a double explorsure to create a trippy but engaging picture to blow the minds of your followers!

Available for both Android and iPhone users!

That's what I had for this list! I hope you like using these apps and make some lovely pictures and trippy videos using just your phone. I would love to see what you guys make with these awesome apps. Do follow me if you haven't yet.

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