5 Smart Phone Photography Tips ! How to capture Eye-Catching photos with your phone.

If there is one thing that is critical to success with social media, it is using images to engage your audience. Since not everyone has access to stock photography, a fancy DSLR camera, or knows the difference between DPI’s and Pixels, I want to provide a few basic tips I got from some photographer friends, for taking great photos using your Smart Phone’s camera. With a Smart Phone in hand, everyone can take great pictures with little effort and quickly post them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, while on-the-go.

1. Avoid The In Camera App(Instagram App).

2. Shoot From Different Angles.

3.Use Natural Lights.

4.Know Your Square.

5.Find A Good Photo editing Apps.

There are a ton of great photo editing apps out there:

Top 5 Photo Editing App

“The ultimate thing to remember when taking pictures, is the best camera out there is the one you have with you.”

What other photography tips or photo editing tools have you found to be useful?


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